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What is Wood Lathe Machine?

A wood machine is a machine used to smooth and shape wood. Notwithstanding machines for wood, machines are likewise accessible for working with metal and glass. Each of these machines are usually utilized by crafters and do-it-yourselfers keeping in mind the end goal to modify and complete undertakings.
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What Is Capstan Lathe Machine?

A capstan machine is a processing machine used to make the same parts again and again. The cutting bits are mounted on a rotatable turret known as a capstan, which permits the client to rapidly change the introduction of the bits for slicing without needing to take off the first bit and afterward mount the second. A bit of crude material, off and on again known as a clear, is mounted into the capstan machine and is then spun at high velocity. The cutting apparatuses, some of the time known as blades, are then used to slice into the clear to make another shape or outline.


  Everybody knows chess was a game which originated in India before even 6th century symbolising two kingdoms fighting each other with all the four armies though it’s an interesting game it can’t be played anywhere, to overcome this problem there has been an project proposing to play chess anywhere with anyone in any part of the world with only internet connection.

Automatic face detection using colour based segmentation and template/Energy threshold

The project which is anticipated to give a huge advancement in technology deals with face detection based on color segmentation followed by template/energy matching. The drive of the project is to detect the presence and absence of face using computers. In EE368 (a graduate level introductory course to the fundamentals of digital image processing) they have given the task of training a system using collection of seven digital image for this face detection purpose to a set of students.

People grow fat because of technology

Now will you believe me if am going to tell you that yes, people grow fat with growing technology!?! Feeling that am linking two really unrelated things? Fine let me try to convince you with all the points that I have!


This project is all about converting your smartphone into the remote of your computer wirelessly. There exist several situations where we want to wirelessly and comfortably operate a computer, where the computer screen is projected onto a big screen through a projector or big-screen television, such as classrooms, conference/meeting rooms, mobile, workgroup project environments and modern office environments, and even living rooms This project will eliminate most of the discomforts we experience in places like conference rooms class rooms and in places where presentations are given by projecting computers.

Students’ choices today shape tomorrow’s skills pool

One of the most decisive decisions taken in the course of a person’s life is choosing the field of study when entering higher education. This decision may be influenced by a variety of factors: family, social and economic background; cultural preferences among peers; values and belief systems; or even moral, political or ideological viewpoints. Preceding choices made during transitions in secondary school, have gradually narrowed the options available. Conflicting messages from employers, labour market agencies, governments and intermediary advisory bodies can impact the choices students make as well.

Don't give up on ‘Education for All’

The well-being of individuals and nations depend on nothing more than on what people know and what they can do with what they know. And if there’s one lesson the global economy has taught us over the last few years, it’s that we cannot simply bail ourselves out of a crisis, that we cannot solely stimulate ourselves out of a crisis and that we cannot just print money our way out of a crisis. Investing in high-quality education is the gateway to better skills, better jobs and better lives.

Kazakhstan: the dream of better education

Everybody dreams of good things sometimes, of things one wants to do, be, or have. Countries can dream too: of economic prosperity, of peace, of a visa-free travel regime or of a quick way out of a recession…

Mathematics for the 21st century

Why are mathematics taught? 
From Aristotle, Plato, Al-Khawarizmi, and Al-Kindi, to John Allen Paulos (Temple U.), Paul Ernest, (U. of Exeter), and Eleanor Robson (U. of Oxford), maths thinkers have stated three types of reasons: emotional, cognitive and practical. 
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